1. Any information or data that you may have on your device memory shall remain your responsibility and we will not accept any liability for loss of data. We highly recommend that you save a ‘back up’ of your data from your device on your laptop or any other kind of external hard drive you may have.

2. MrFix will not take any kind of responsibility for liquid damaged devices as depending on the damaged already cause; can entail the repair to lead to further damage which would result in us being unable to repair the device.

3. We will offer only 30 days satisfaction for liquid damagedrepairs and if the device displays more issues relating to liquid damageduring warranty period we will be more than happy to look over again and quote you for any extra repairs that may need to be obtained.

4. If your device is repaired from a third party after using MrFix service, this will result in your warranty to be voided.Please make sure if you have any issues with your device please call us or visit our stores.

5. The warranty is only issued on repairs that had been agreed. Any additional issues you face after this which is not related to the original repair is not covered by the warranty given.

6. MrFix terms and conditions will onlyapply to the repairs/service we provide for all kind of devices being repaired.

7. We will ensure to make full efforts to repair your devicedepending on our current availability of stock in store or if we need to order them in to do so. We also make sure to run and carry out any test that’s needed to reassure you have all the information you need regarding the repairs to your device.

8. When using MrFix repairs we must warn you that the repairs made to any device given to us may void the manufactures warranty. Please be aware of this before giving your device in as we are not responsible to any manufacturer’s void of warranty. If you have any doubt we advise you to contact the manufactures beforehand.

9. MrFix uses AAA high quality parts for all repairs on all devices.

10. MrFix aim is to return your device within 3 days, however if extra work is needed e.g. mainboard or soldering work this could result in a longer waiting period due to suppliers stock. You will be told in advanced of the delays and may take up to 5 days however we cannot guarantee how long a device will take to repair.

11. We will inform you via (text or email) once your device has been repaired or in some circumstances cannot be repaired and is available for collection in store. We will keep you update regarding any kind of repairs

12. We will store your device for only 30 days if your device has not been collected within this time period we have the right to recycle or resale your device. We also have right to hold your device until all outstanding payments are made

13. MrFix uses a specific type of warranty seals and if this seal has been tampered with or has been removed this will void any warrant you had with us.

14. If for any kind of reason we are unable to complete a repair due to extra parts needed that were not agreed with at the start, we will contact you before doing so and will require any extra payments that may be needed before we proceed. If you do not want to go ahead with the extra cost we will simply return your device without any repairs being made if you wish to do so.

15. In some cases we may need access to your passcode to test any repairs that has been made however we are more than happy to wait till you return to test with your presence. If you leave the store prior to us being able to test the device then the warranty cannot be offered as we haven’t been able to test to our satisfaction in order for us to know that repairs made have been successful.

16. We do not accept any kind of responsibility if your device has been repaired by third party before us doing the repairs. The customer service team will contact you to discuss via email should any problem become evident

17. We are not responsible for your accessories such as phone cover etc or cards (sim and memory cards). Please make sure you remove extras beforehand.

18. This agreement will start from the date you have confirmed a booking in store and will continue until we have repaired or otherwise return your device and received any payment due from you.

Edinburgh iPhone & Smartphone Repair Specialist

Edinburgh iPhone & Smartphone Repair Specialist

Mr Fix’s prompt Phone repair service covers the whole of the UK. We have expert repair technicians all over the Edinburgh.

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