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Any Smartphone can keep you upgraded with the latest advancement of technology. With an LG handset, you can make your life even better and smoother. However, if your LG handset is not working properly, you should call a company or service that offers the best in class LG repair in Edinburgh. We, at Mr Fix, offer a wide range of LG repair services in Edinburgh including damaged screen, microphone issues, camera lens and phone unlocking. Feel free to get in touch with us to get your LG repaired in the most efficient way possible.

No More worries about LG unlocking in Edinburgh

By unlocking your LG phone, you can use any SIM card, anywhere. We, at Mr Fix, constantly upgrade our phone unlocking systems so that we can give you the most effective solution for phone unlocking. If we can’t unlock your mobile phone – no one in Edinburgh can.

How LG unlocking in Edinburgh can be beneficial for you:

Unlocking your phone can be a great choice since it gives you complete freedom to choose your carriers and plans. Because of numerous advantages, unlocked Smartphones are becoming popular day by day. By unlocking your phone you can

  • Get the flexibility and network capability
  • Access different providers without any problem
  • Say good bye to roaming charges
  • Resell the phone at a greater value
  • Customize your phones according to your personal expectations
  • Use it more conveniently

At Mr Fix, we offer the best in class LG phone unlocking services at an affordable price. Since phone unlocking does not affect the warranty of your phone, you can get your phone unlocked without a second thought. Count on us today to get your LG phone unlocked at the most competitive prices.

Popular Mobile Phone Brands we Repair and Unlock

LG has really upped their game in the Smartphone arena going head to head with market dominants. Their G series handsets have managed to capture the attention of many tech-savvy individuals, compelling them to buy one. They have been upgrading the G series, bringing out a new model thus giving a boost to their overall sales. However, there are many consumers who have complained about certain functional issues in the phones. Well, it comes as no surprise as no electronic device comes with a zero error policy. But knowing the solutions does help the user a lot, and here we will focus just on that.

Common LG phone glitches and their solutions


Many users have complained that after using for a considerable amount of time the phone got really slow. This is a common issue with many phones and not just LG. After a long run, the phone operates sluggishly which can be really irritating. Sometimes we overwork the phone by running too many apps. These applications feed take up a lot of RAM that can considerably affect the speed of the phone. Too many cache files can also slow down the phone, as it takes more time to read and index.

How to Fix? – You can try by clearing the cache files. For that you have to go to the Settings > go to General tab > go to Storage > tap the cache data > tap ok and clear the cache files

If this does not work then the next best option is a factory reset. Go to Settings> go to General > tap Personal > tap Backup and Reset> tap factory reset option and reset the phone. It will erase all data on the phone memory so take a back up first and then go ahead.


Overheating is another common issue with LG handsets. Customers complain that playing games or watching videos for a long time makes the phone very hot. If anyone of you is having the same issue then you can follow the solutions offered below.

How to fix?– Update the Android OS to the latest version. For that you will have to go to Apps > Settings > go to General > tap About Phone > tap System Updates. If there is an available update then update the phone to the latest version. You have to click install and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

You can reduce the phone brightness and see if that makes any difference. Check if any of the apps is overusing the battery. It is best to delete such applications.


Suppose you making an important call or in the middle of an online transaction and suddenly the shuts down. This can be a real bummer and many LG users have complained of this exact problem. There are some solutions given below.

How to fix? – You can update your existing LG phone software. Sometimes getting the latest updated software can resolve the bug issues. Updating the phone can fix numerous issues so it is best that you check for updates from time to time.

Sometimes a faulty SD card can cause this problem. So try removing the memory card and see if that resolves the issue. You have to back up all the files on the card and then format it to fix the glitch.

Hope these tips to help you to fix your phone issues. If not then take it to a reliable professional phone fixer. That will definitely do the job.

Edinburgh iPhone & Smartphone Repair Specialist

Edinburgh iPhone & Smartphone Repair Specialist

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